Our service division prides itself on offering a fast and reliable breakdown repair service at a reasonable price because we understand that downtime costs money. We also send our engineers out with all the parts required, with the aim of getting your machines up and running in a single visit.


  • Service and repair of Agie make EDM and WEDM machines by our experts, AVN Technologies is the longest standing independent service provider for Agie Wire EDM machines in India, Over the years we have built our reputation on a professional, reliable and fast service that’s tailored to each customer’s needs


  • 70% of all machine tool downtime can be avoided by regular servicing and maintenance. We offer a comprehensive range of EDM service and maintenance packages to help you keep your plant running smoothly. Because we are a experts in wire edm machines , we are able to tailor all of them to meet your needs. And for complete peace of mind, we offer extended warranties.


  • Our EDM experience means we can offer unrivalled training and consultancy capabilities. We specialize in Agie, Charmilles machines.
    Our highly qualified EDM engineers can provide services such as:
    Application and technical advice
    Technology seminars
    Investment in training reaps rewards. Equipping your operators with the right skills and information allows you to get the most out of your EDM machinery. We provide basic, intermediate and advanced operator training on all Agie and Charmilles machines. Typical costs for operator training start at just Rs 10,000 per day. All training can be tailored to meet the requirements of your business.


  • Basic training equips operators with the essential skills needed to use the machine and its various functions. Using practical and theoretical approaches, the training covers:
    Editing programs
    Simulating machining
    Managing part files and tool parts
    Maintaining the machine.
    Tailored to the appropriate level, intermediate training advances an operator’s knowledge and equips him with the skills to meet your the requirements of your customers. Using practical and theoretical approaches, the training covers:
    Using advanced functions
    Optimising machining processes
    Advanced Wire EDM training: This training is suitable for experienced users looking to enhance their expertise in a specific area. The training will be tailored to your precise requirement and cover the advanced methods needed to prepare and adjust the machines to carry out complex and highly skilled processes. To enquire about Wire EDM / EDM operator training, please get in touch.


  • To find out more about any of these products or discuss how they could improve your productivity, please get in touch. Conversion of Old floppy drive system 720Kb & 1.44 MB in to New Pen drive system . DNC Solutions for Old DEM machines, 120 series, HSS & sprint machines as well as Classic series machines are provided.


  • Our experienced Wire EDM engineers are regularly called on to install new or refurbished spark erosion machines. They have installed machines all over India. Our service includes unpacking the machine, shifting it and commissioning it for use. All the work is carried out according to the OEM specification. To enquire about Machine installation, please contact us.


  • PCB failure is one of the most common faults on EDM / Wire EDM machines. Our Engineers are skilled at diagnosing problems with PCBs, including surface mounted ones and repairing and replacing them with newer technologies as necessary.


  • We also sell / Provide replacement PCBs / spares / consumables for a wide range of Wire EDM & EDM machines.


  • We do carry out retrofitting of unused / old EDM / Wire EDM machines with our own control for re usage.